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If you are,(as I was once),  frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed at starting your book writing project, but aren’t sure where to turn, you’re in good hands!

When starting out in my creative writing endeavours, I had absolutely no special skills in this particular field either.  Or even possess previous training or author experience whatsoever…

Which had often left me feeling lost, even more discouraged and almost wanting to give in!

In fact, you could have called me a college dropout with little academic or any special qualifications…

But! One thing that was a real game changer and levelled up things in the greater good….

Spurring me on giving me greater momentum in order to reach my goal!

And that was an inner self-belief that if you believed in yourself and took a chance, the world really is whatever you make it!

Consequently, as a direct result of having an open, receptive mind and belief, I signed onto an online writing course which had helped me create, nurture and hone my writing and copywriting skills thanks to eventual guidance and mentorship.

Here Are Some Of My Previous Examples Of My Creative Writing Projects!


Where Do You Start Writing Your Own Book?

That’s a great question! One that is best answered is by asking yourself what you could offer to an audience that has already expressed an interest in your book writing exploits!

And there is a great way that you can test in order to determine whether your book will sell!

But, before we even get your book tested for the market, perhaps the $64,000 question to ask is how are most new writers achieving self-publishing success & the answer is simply Amazon KDP ebooks!

Many have rewritten the rules on publishing as going it by yourself,(once you’ve written your book), the Amazon route is an automated process which will guide you through it’s own self-help portal as easy as 1-2-3!

Which is great news for you because when your book sells Amazon KDP makes money making this a winning partnership & virtuous ever-prosperous cycle!

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Learn from UK based leading book writing coach, Ric McMunn as he guides and tutors your writing a book to the Amazon Bestseller status as he has proven with hundred’s of his own books and helping others do exactly the same.

Wouldn’t you like to have your creative writing project boosted as many other ordinary people have gone from a standing start to slingshot their aspiring book to Amazon Bestseller status within as little as just 90 days by using his tried and tested Amazon Number 1 Bestseller System?

Student and graduate, Rikki Kotecha explains how he has benefitted in his own words;

”Richard and his team, Jordan and Joshua in particular, are excellent. I participated in the program for new writers and the support was great.

Prompt replies to emails, all decisions were made together, I was always included. 

The team was very understanding and kind during my creative pause/break after the death of a close family member.

All advice and guidance, from writing the book, to publishing, communicating online and offline (marketing strategies) – all top! Highly recommend Richard & his team services”.

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Before the days of Amazon KDP, your book writing endeavours would have been pursued via the traditional arduous means of conventional book publishing having met the rigorous scrutiny of stern publishers running your book through the proverbial gauntlet before your creative writing dreams have even seen the glimmer of light!

Amazon KDP has banished all of those dark days with many budding writers just like yourself treading a much more common path of self-publishing!

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To your success,

Edward Lyons


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