Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver with his first book
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver celebrates his first book, Billy and The Giant Adventure

Writing your own book can be daunting at the best of times.

(I know that. I’ve been there myself).

By throwing in another handicap to hinder your book writing prowess with Dyslexia and your writing project may seem like it’s permanently stuck on the shelf!

(If you’ll forgive the pun!).

That was exactly the problem TV chef turned budding author, Jamie Oliver had to overcome with his fear of being Dyslexic.

Which of course allayed his desire to writing your own book as he explains to BBC Breakfast,

“always had a chip on my shoulder” after experiencing difficulties with reading and writing at school”.

Writing Your Book Made Easy By Jamie Oliver-Here’s How…

Jamie had published his very first children’s book for struggling readers by using only the dictaphone found on any smartphone!

(I’ve included a link below this article to help you using your dictaphone).

But, Jamie who’s first initiative to writing a book had stemmed from just reading or making up bedtime stories for his own children.

For Jamie, he could only restrict his book writing skills to only just ten minutes a day as this is the extent to how much he could focus his attention on his newfound book writing project.

Hope & Inspiration For All Of Us…

I feel it’s a sheer inspiration to learn about Jamie’s approach to being an author!

Because this opened up a newer niche market into his book which is printed in a Dyslexia friendly font.

Which means it allowed it’s release as an audio book reaching a wider audience!

This is clear evidence for anybody of almost any ability to start their own book writing project!

Because with perseverance and sheer belief Jamie created his very first children’s book called Billy And The Giant Adventure penned for the 7-11 year-old age group.

Please click on the link below to learn more about Billy And The Giant Adventure;

Billy & The Giant Adventure | Jamie Oliver

As he says in his own words;

“It was that weird time in lockdown, and I started thinking, as a growing adult, how do I develop myself?” he said.

“I sat down for 10 minutes a day – which is as long as I can focus – and wrote it. Over the course of four years….

Click on the link below to keep reading this story;

Jamie Oliver: I recorded my books to avoid writing – BBC News

Discover the power of your dictaphone to begin writing your own book click on this link below now!

How to Record Audio on a Smartphone – YouTube

I am speaking from experience myself when I say that,(like anything), once you start taking small steps…

The rest eventually falls into place! But you NEED to take action!

I guess the process is like learning to ride a bike…you’ll fall for sure, but don’t ever quit!!

Because when you quit, you guarantee you’ll fail!

If you would like to know how I made a start writing from a complete standstill,(like yourself), click below;

Here Is How I Got Started On My Writing Adventure.

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