How To Do Creative Writing 

Hi there and welcome to the ‘how to do creative writing’ part of my about me page.

I’m Edward Lyons…or just ‘Eddie’ as everybody calls me.

Pleased to meet you!

Well, I don’t know quite where to begin, only that as you’ve guessed…I love writing and the whole how to do creative writing process!!

The sheer creativity & science of ‘how to write’ and bridging these worlds with words to me is quite literally ‘poetry in motion’.

Who Is Edward Lyons?

Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m something out-of-the-ordinary or ‘special’ with formal book writing training or some sort of ‘how to do creative writing’ schooling?

You may think that I’m a highly educated university scholar who aced his way through the academic years?

Or particularly excelled in writing English Literature?

Not quite.

If the truth be known, there is nothing really special about me.

Honestly, the guy,(would-be author!), smiling back at you from the photo is happy-go-lucky as the picture shows…

No University or college degree.

Or even fairly well educated,(including how to do creative writing or self-publishing school),…

So I didn’t have a head start over anybody else.

Because as a matter of fact, I’m just a college dropout who during those tender formative academic years was predicted by his teachers to fail his college education.

Not that I did mind you.

But what I do have going for me is something much better than money in the bank.

I’ll come to this in a moment in order to explain it better…

How Is The Written Word Applied To The Everyday World?

In the meantime though, I’m guessing that you’re here as you want to learn the ‘how to do creative writing’ process as you will no doubt be able to use it for;

* Book writing & self publishing,(more on this later),

* Article writing

* Essay writing

* Copywriting for sales persuasion copy

* Amazon KDP to write your own books

Either way & whatever your objective, the how to do creative writing process can be used for almost anything as the written word will and as always will be a necessity in just about everything that we do because creative writing will always be a highly sought after key skill set in demand!

So, hop on board with this journey and let’s explore more about how to do creative writing…

And if you would like to learn more about how I got started, please click on the link below now;

Make Your Writing Pay!About Me – Licence To Print Money (


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