Amazon KDP Makes $17000 For Mr & Mrs Irven
Amazon KDP Makes $17000 For Mr & Mrs Irven

How Does Making Up To $17,000 Per Month Via Amazon KDP Sound?

Sounds like a catchy headline designed to hook would be ‘biz-opp junkies’ into parting with their money, doesn’t it?

I would be a little dubious too, if I heard the phrase;

How Does Making Up To $17,000 Per Month Via Amazon KDP Sound?

But, that is exactly what Sue Irven and her husband, Manny Irven did to see themselves in profit from Month 1!

Covid Pandemic Kickstarts The Rise Of The Entrepreneur…

After being laid off, (as I think many of us had been in Covid pandemic), Mr & Mrs Irven profit from making designs for products such as colouring books and journals.

Being trapped making only $10 per hour, Mr and Mrs Irven had tried various other stints including;

  • Affiliate Marketing, which dissuaded them as a large social media following were a requisite 
  • Private Labelling Commerce sounded lucrative, but required a higher start up capital

Before striking gold making up to $17,000 per month by selling notebooks on Amazon KDP, Mr & Mrs Irven had the above exhausted working-from-home avenues…

And then started researching How To Sell On  Amazon KDP which is an abbreviation for;

Kindle Direct Publishing

KDP allows you to, in a nutshell, self publish things…

Such as (notebooks, journals, planners, fitness trackers, travel logs, activity books, puzzle books, and more) through Amazon.

The process in it’s essence very simple as follows;

You just have to design the item

Which is then listed….

Amazon then sells, prints and ships out the products to your customer

Whilst you cash in on your royalties!

So after seeing the process up close…

How Does Making Up To $17,000 Per Month Via Amazon KDP Sound?

Amazon KDP?, doesn’t sound so bad!

Discover how Mr & Mrs Irven stumbled upon their Amazon KDP success by clicking on the link below;

How I Make up to $17,000 in Profit a Month Self-Publishing on Amazon (

I feel that the best and most advantageous aspect of this is that you don’t have to quit your job…

And just work on it as a completely independent side hustle gradually building it up into a full-time venture.

I am speaking from experience myself when I say that,(like anything), once you start taking small steps…

The rest eventually falls into place! But you NEED to take action!

I guess the process is like learning to ride a bike…you’ll fall for sure, but don’t ever quit!!

Because when you quit, you guarantee you’ll fail!

If you would like to know how I made a start writing from a complete standstill,(like yourself), click below;

Here Is How I Got Started On My Writing Adventure.

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