You can write about absolutely anything!

First & foremost it would be a great marketing idea to research your book writing project to make sure you have a ready made audience to determine, ”will your book sell?”

Apart from writing fiction novels,(ranging from romance, sci-fi, horror to fantasy as the list on will your book sell is very broad)…

You can write about something that you have a particular skill set in such as a hobby, interest or perhaps even past experience in careers.

I feel that this could potentially help avid newcomers gain invaluable insights into your profession.

But, due diligence to conduct thorough marketing research in order for you to derive the potential benefits from your creative writing venture is a must!

Again & bear in mind at all times the $64,000 question, ‘will your book sell’?

A hungry & eager market is a much better writing prospect in a very established and competitive field.

As opposed than writing for a little known untapped audience that not many readers will be likely to buy.

I include for example, Health & Fitness is a very popular interest…

Even this can be further narrowed down and niched into a tighter category such as Fitness For Men 40 plus.

But, an even more focused niche can be honed in even further still by categorizing for example;

Weight training For Men 40 Plus

Cardiovascular Health For Men 40 Plus

Diet & Nutrition For Men 40 Plus

By laser focusing on concentrated markets you have a much, much better chance of capturing a better receptive & hungry audience.

Instead of trying to sell to everybody and running the risk of selling to nobody, again alluding to the initial question of will your book sell?

I know unfortunately, this does & can happen if you don’t carry out some essential market research & planning.

So, now you’re in the fortunate position of knowing invaluable information that will undoubtedly place you in greater stead to ensure that your book writing venture stands a greater chance of success.

Use the above example to adapt & fit into whatever niche you wish to write about.

Your Next Steps…

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